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Nursing Home Cases

The most heartbreaking cases involve elderly, infirm and compromised plaintiffs. Often, a loved one in nursing home is injured or suffers a personal injury due to the negligence of the staff or home. While we all know that people mean well, there is often carelessness, negligence and neglect.

Bedsores on patients are common manifestations of neglect. At my firm, The Law Offices of David Ascher, I have often read statements in the literature of many nursing homes which say that they have “zero tolerance for bedsores.” Despite that claim, their patients often develop painful bedsores. In order to properly protect and defend a client in a bedsore case, careful review of records is necessary. Listening to the family and especially the injured person is necessary. Bedsores can be painful and require immediate attention. It is important to immediately to contact an attorney upon learning that a loved one suffers with bedsores, so the attorney can obtain the records and seek out all literature provided by the facility. Expert testimony is often helpful in proving these cases.

Gathering Information Is Critical

Residents of nursing homes can be injured in a variety of ways. Nursing home accidents can occur while residents are being removed from their beds or baths or showers, and they can be injured in simple tasks such as dressing or personal hygiene. It is important to speak to staff to find out what occurred and who was present when the accident occurred. If an incident report can be obtained, one should order it immediately. It is my experience that the defendant will rarely provide such reports voluntarily, so it is important to contact my firm, The Law Offices of David Ascher, at 212-964-1515, so a proper investigation can commenced immediately. As a skilled personal injury lawyer, I will help you determine if you have a case and fight for your rights.

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