You Are More Than
Just Another Accident Case

How We Prepare Your Case

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I listen to you. I listen to you describe your car accident or car crash. I  listen to your personal injury case carefully.  I ask  questions to fully understand your case and your concerns.   My office then undertakes a complete and thorough investigation.  We speak to witnesses who observed the car crash or observed the defect which caused your personal injury. We include you in the process at every step.  Sometimes, experts or investigators are needed to help better understand or prove your personal injury or accident case.   As your personal injury attorney, no question is too small or too insignificant.   To be successful in a personal injury case or accident case in New York I believe that listening to the client and then immediately undertaking a complete investigation is the key to a successful case.

As your attorney, I encourage questions.  I encourage your input and help.

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